10 Best Standing Desk Black Friday Deals For 2022

Are you working and sitting long hours at the office desk feeling sore? Are the most expensive chairs making you antsy or fidgety at times? Then all you need is a standing desk. You will feel at ease switching between sitting and standing to alleviate that problem. A standing desk allows you to stretch your legs and pace around and still keep focused on your work.

10 Best Standing Desk Black Friday Deals

Best Standing Desk Black Friday deals have brought to you some best options to make your work more convenient while you are deep into your work.

10 Best Standing Desk Black Friday Deals

The 10 Best Standing Desk Black Friday Deals And (Comparison Table)

Mount-It Height Adjustable Standing Desk For Computer Work, Rolling Cart with Locking Wheels in Rectangular Top

Mount-It! Mobile Standing Desk/Height Adjustable Stand Up Computer...
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE - Ergonomic mobile stand up desk computer...
  • STAND-UP PORTABLE DESK - Ideal for use as a stand-up portable computer...

Mount-it standing desk is an ergonomic mobile stand-up desk for a computer workstation. It has a height-adjustable system for sitting or standing. This 27.75” L, 32” W, and 37” H portable desk will be ideal for use as a stand-up portable computer office desk and as a speaker podium. It is a rectangular-shaped keyboard that can be slid in or out after being used to minimize shape. 

This standing desk is a rolling computer cart with 4 platforms to store monitors, laptop, keyboard, printer, CPU, PC tower, and speakers. The top 2 shelves are optimized for ergonomic laptops plus keyboard and monitor placement. It has a weight capacity of 99lbs.

The top two platforms can be adjusted up to 17” with 11 locking intervals. If you want, you can move the desk from one room to another with the 1.5” furniture casters and then lock the desk with two front locking brakes. 

ApexDesk Vortex Series M Edition 60” Height Adjustable Rectangular Standing Desk in Light Cherry Top/ Black Frame Color

ApexDesk Vortex Series M Edition 60" Electric Height Adjustable...

To make working from home or office more comfortable, ApexDesk Vortex rectangular standing desk. This desk is ideal for doing standing and sitting work. The desk measures 59” x 29.5” top and is made of MDF scratch-resistant 3D laminate.

It comes with pre-installed metal anchors to make installation easy for you. You can adjust the top multiple times without any damage. It complies with the CARB phrase || standard for safe use at home and work. 

You can adjust the desk height anywhere from 28.8” to 47.7” inches top with a motorized height adjustable system. The frame comes in graphite black color and the color code is RAL 9011. The solid industrial-grade steel frame with a solid top can hold up to 175llbs. Arched feet and cylindrical legs make it stable.

The control panel has 6 program buttons with 4 customizable presets so standing and sitting height can be customized. This desk will be shipped from Los Angeles in 2 boxes and will require 45 minutes or so to assemble all the parts. 

Fezibo Dual Motor Rectangular Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk with Keyboard Tray, Splice Board in Natural + White Color Top

FEZIBO Dual Motor 63 x 24 Inch Height Adjustable Electric Standing...
  • Electric Height Adjustable: There are 3 preset buttons to customize...
  • Professional Keyboard Tray: Keep your mouse and keyboard organized and...

With electrically adjustable height buttons, the Fezibo dual motor standing desk is an affordable product for those who work from home. It has 3 preset buttons to adjust the desired height from 32.87 to 52.56 inches. The top shelf has double drawers to make the desktop tidier. This also helps you head up when you put your screen on it. 

The lift system is supported by an industrial-grade steel frame to support weight up to 176lbs. The desktop comes with a splice board including a cable management tray and 2 hooks. The swivel casters rotate 360 degrees turning your desk mobile and floor protected from scratches. You can order this amazing 48” L x 24” W and 27.6” H standing desk only from Best Standing Desk Black Friday Deals now.

FlexiSpot M2B Convertible Standing Desk (35 x 31.5 x 5.9) with Keyboard Tray in Black

If you do a lot of business out of your home office you might deal with back pain. To avoid these awkward problems while working, the FlexiSpot M2B standing desk is here for the rescue.

Our space-saving workstation rises and folds vertically with no need to make any spatial accommodations that may be required with comparable products. The single-handle design makes the height adjustments super easy. 

The top is spacious enough to accommodate a laptop, extra-deep desktop, computer monitor, paperwork, and many more. Our keyboard tray is full-sized to feature a deep work surface and fit a large keyboard, mouse, and mousepad, so you can move them when done using.

It also has ergonomic benefits for people of every height. People from 5.1: to 6.1” of heights can comfortably adjust12 height levels to shift from sitting to standing. 

Spark by Ergodriven 26 Inch Rectangular Standing Desk in 3 Height Sizes, Weights 2.6 Pounds

Spark by Ergodriven | 26" Standing Desk in 3 Height Sizes | Sit Stand...
  • Choose your size by your height: | Under 5’4” = Small |...
  • Feel better! Standing is a healthier position than sitting, and allows...

Spark by Ergodriven standing desk comes in a classic bluish-grey color. This desk is 17.8” L, 13.7” and 4.5” H weighing only 2.6 pounds. it comes in 3 sizes depending on the height. Under 5.4” is small, from 5.4” to 5.11” is medium and over 5.11” is large. To release the excessive stress from your shoulders standing is a healthier position than sitting which also allows more movement while working. 

That’s why Spark is perfect for doing standing jobs. It’s ergonomic, robust, and adds a great look. Its economical two-level design works great for laptops, monitors, or all-in-one PC like iMac up to 27”. So easily get healthier while working with Spark; the best option for health and investment you can make for a better future. 

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Final Verdict

Are you among those people who find it hard to commit to standing desks? There are many options in the market but they cost hundreds and thousands of dollars. But don’t worry we are here to save that extra bucks for you. Best Standing Desks Black Friday Deals is here to your rescue. Here you will find the most affordable, attractive, and ergonomic brands to give you better posture and comfort at your workplace. So stop wasting time and let’s find your perfect standing desk now.  

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